ROWDY is about combining clean silhouettes with leather which show its age beautifully with wear. We want to make sure that we are creating investment pieces that you will cherish for years to come - not just something at the mercy of a trend lifespan. Each ROWDY bag comes to life as it softens and gains marks as a result of the wearer’s love for it. It is lived-in luxury.

Our muses are independent thinkers, nurturers, creators and adventurers. There is a universal movement towards channelling our inner wild selves by being in nature. We need to embrace slow fashion by purchasing pieces that suit all these occasions and environments, outside of our businesses and households.

At ROWDY, we take pride in conscious consumption through the creation of meaningfully made local products. We believe in fair wages, materials that are sustainably sourced, and building long-lasting relationships with local entities and customers alike.
That’s why we use leather indigenous to Africa, paired with clean and classic designs. The skins used in the manufacturing of our bags are by-products of the meat industry, where every part of the animal is used. We do not use skins from animals which are farmed for that sole purpose.

This is also why the notion of waste limitation is constantly at the forefront of our design process, which is why we offer smaller mix-and-match accessories. All our products are handcrafted in our workshop in Cape Town, by our talented team of 19 machinists.

Step by step, we want to grow ROWDY into a brand that is loved and supported worldwide, renowned for its quality, determination and thoughtful consumption ethos.

If you’re a fan of ROWDY, you buy with a conscious. You resonate with our values of respecting everyone’s individuality while working for the greater good in one’s community.

You like to support leather artisans who are upskilling themselves in a sustainable way. That’s why our purpose is to make beautiful, durable leather bags for anyone who isn’t afraid of swimming upstream. For anyone like you.


The ROWDY Core Values

ROWDY’s core value is to make the best leather bags at the best price in the market by
focusing on a selected range so that we can continue to develop and innovate.

● We believe in the simple, not the complex
● We believe in going against the grain, and promoting individuality
● We believe in providing sustainable employment alternatives to fight poverty
● We believe in respecting every step in the production chain and doing things with
    integrity, as every action has a reaction

If you get ROWDY, you get ROWDY FOR LIFE.